General Tips
Register with one valid email and phone number, full-name, password and a valid BTC wallet address. After you have successfully registered, you will be automatically logged in or you can click on the "login" link and you'll Successfully login yourself.
  • Click on the SIGN UP link above on the page header.
  • Fill in your details correctly.
  • Be sure everything is correct then click on “Register” under the page.
  • This will take you straight to your dashboard (otherwise click "login" to login yourself).
  • On your dashboard input the appropriate amount you wish to invest in the box provided, then click on "Invest".
  • In less than one minute you will be shown the bitcoin address you should make payment to (you may need to refresh the page or re-login to see the address provided under "Merged Investment").
  • make payment then send the proof of payment as appropriate for confirmation of your payment.

Members can Invest from $10 to $5000 USD.

Immediately after making Investment in the system, you will be notified that you have successfully made investment, you have to wait because you'll be merged instantly or probably refresh the page and you'll see on your dashboard under "Merged Investment" the bitcoin address to send the dollar equivalent of your investment amount in bitcoin to and must be paid within 6 hours, failure to pay leads to permanent removal from the system database as we are only interested in serious minded participants.

After payment send your proof of payment to us, and your payment will be automatically confirmed by BTCFlox when your investment reflects on the system.

Members can Invest and Withdraw once at a time. And a 5% commission will be held by the Company for system maintenance.

Members can withdraw their trading earnings (aside the 5% commission) in 10 days.

In 10 days locking period (Members can request for withdrawal of their earnings and it will be processed automatically within 24hrs).

Members can WITHDRAW their total investment amount only in 10 days and it will be paid automatically by the system. However members will be required to re-invest within 48 hrs if they still want to continue with the system or risk their account being removed permanently (as we do not want any dormant account on the system).
Proof of Payment

While sending your proof of payment for your payment to be confirmed by BTCFlox, members need to check their bitcoin wallet with which payment was made for the transaction Hash-code, then send a screenshot of the hash-code

Or transaction ID as proof of payment for your payment to be automatically confirmed. Failure to send the screenshot of the transaction hash-code will cause a delay or a non-confirmation of your payment by the system.

If Sender uploads a fake screenshot of transaction hash-code that do not match with what is on the system as per the transaction, or  a member default in making payment, Sender’s account will be blocked permanently and won't be re-opened under any condition.
If a member refers a participant directly through his referral link then he will get 5% as referral bonus and 15% bonus after 5 referrals.